The last few weeks have been kinda hectic, because last week I graduated in Computer Science.
I’m Alessandra, but you call me Ale/Allie, I’m 23 and I’m from Rome, Italy, even though I am currently living in Milan, studying Cyber Risk Strategy and Management. My AFS adventure started in 2015/16, when I went on exchange to Clinton, MO, USA.  After that I became a volunteer as soon as I could. I convinced my family to host a girl from Serbia and a girl from China, and blackmailed my sister to go on exchange herself (none was harmed, she actually loved it).
As I couldn’t stay in one place, as soon as the opportunity presented, I signed up for an Erasmus program in the Netherlands, that fortunately I was able to do on the last semester before Covid.
Besides AFS and studying, I am also a Scout leader, and I love to run, mostly the 400m and 800m. Looking forward to see y’all in Brussels!