I’m Allegra, from southern Italy and I’ve been an Intercultura volunteer for about 7 years now…I’m not that old, though, I’m 26.

My journey with AFS started in 2014 when I spent a trimester in Kiskunhalas, Hungary, and after that I participated in the ECTP camp. After my exchange experience, I felt I could never leave AFS and became a volunteer in Italy. I’ve been the contact person for many exchange students in Italy, hosted a Portuguese girl for three months, worked with the other volunteers on different tasks and projects, and I currently manage the external communication of my local volunteer group in Italy.

Since then, Intercultural relations began kind an obsession for me. That’s why I studied Languages and Intercultural Meditation for my BA and Languages and Intercultural Communication in the Euromediterranean Area for my MA (focusing on the Middle East and North Africa since I studied Arabic). I fell in love with the MENA region and so I spent 4 months in Morocco with a uni exchange program during my MA.Well, I said I wanted to be short …I’m about to start my ESC year at EFIL in Brussels and I’ll be the participants’ coordinator in Malle . It will be funny to stay “on the other side” of the camp this time and not among the exchange students! I’m not ready yet for the cold weather since it’s 22 degrees right now in my city, but I’m soooo excited to start this incredible journey and get to know you guys!