Hi everybody!

I’m Andrea and I will be part of the support team in Malle. I’m also italian, more specifically from Rome I’m 25 and I’m a medical student in Sapienza University, the biggest uni in Europe.

My adventure with AFS started in 2014 when I spent a year in the USA in a small yet beautiful town in California: Mariposa. The area is incredibly amazing and most notable for being home of Yosemite National Park (first picture).

After I came back from my exchange I immediately started volunteering with Intercultura and I covered many roles in my local chapter as contact person, training and development coordinator and then finally president for three years. Since 5 or 6 years though my main interest is helping the students that are hosted in Italy to have the best experience they can achieve.

I just came back to Rome after one year of Erasmus Program in Jordan a spectacular country rich in all aspects of life and I’m still very much trying to get used to my “usual” life here in Italy.

My main interests are food ( I know, very Italian ), science and of course travelling and exploring new cultures ( and cuisines ofc).