My name is Angie, I am a Support Team Coordinator in Destelheide venue. I started in AFS Poland in 2013, after my ex-bf went on…. ECTP trimester program to Belgium Flanders! He taught  me to love Belgian fries and mussels 

I became AFS volunteer to travel for free but then I felt in love with the global family vibe! My family hosted 1 Italian and 1 Guatemalan girl in last few years that expanded my, already women-powered, family to 5 girls and my dad.

I failed a year of Portuguese studies, but after changing course to Cultural Studies BA & Intercultural Relations MA, I went 2 times for Erasmus to Lisbon & Coimbra, as well as Workaway in Sintra, so I speak a language now finally after 8 years.  Currently I work as a group leader for Erasmus+ technical and vocational mobilities’ groups from Poland and Romania.

I am volunteering now both in Poland (online) and Portugal (on site but less). In AFS I’ve done many functions, even worked twice in AFS office… but what I love the most is being a camp leader and team coordinator 

My PEACE experience is… continuous : I was a support team member myself in 2018 (after I didn’t get accepted 1-2 times already in previous years), Support Team coordinator in 2019, online trainer for re-entry & sharing sessions in 2020 and PR Coordinator for cancelled camp in 2021.

As you can see I loooove talking and sharing, my recent passion is anything related with the world of Game of Thrones 😉 Angie kirine issa!