Hi!! I’m Carmen, from Spain, more exactly from Castellon, but I’m currently living in Valencia because I’m studying a hispano phrancofone double degree in law and I’m 18, almost 19 in December, and that makes me a bit nervous bc I might be the youngest here.

I went to the French part of Belgium in exchange dirhams AFS in 2019/2020, but I was a Trimestral program so I came home before covid and I also participated in the Peace camp that year (and I loved it). After that in the middle of the quarantine I became a volunteer bc I wanted to stay in contact with all my exchange friends and this year (2021/2022/2023) I’be been super active and busy in my chapter, because unfortunately we need more volunteers, but I also have enjoyed a lot!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and have my first PEACE experience, as a volunteer in the Support Team of DES!!