Hey everyoooneee,

My name is Hendrik and I’m part of the Malle support team for this years PEACE camp. I am a 22 year old volunteer from Belgium who has never participated in a PEACE environment before, not even as a participant because i did a year long exchange in the USA. More precisely I was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with an amazing host family i got to see again for the first time last summer!

I live in Hasselt and study in Leuven and my first language is Dutch but I also speak english (duh) and Spanish. This is because i have a bachelors degree in literature and linguistics for Spanish and English. Currently also trying to start an advanced master’s in Artificial intelligence

In my free time i love to play and coach basketbal

Seeing as this is a new phone i sadly don’t have any new pictures but this is me on my trip from last summer back to the States with my hostfamily and some friends both from exchange or after my exchange in the USA.