Hi! My name is Hester and I will be part of the support team this year. I am 26 years old and when I was 17 I spent my AFS exchange in Arkansas, USA. I love nature, and going on biking trips to see more of it. My wish is to live in Norway when I’m old, so I can enjoy the beautiful nature every day. Besides that I love to read (big Harry Potter fan!), go hiking, and play with my pet rats: Serafina and Evelien.

I love the energy and the excitement I get when I speak to other AFS volunteers and it always makes me want to do more. My exchange year in the USA 9 years ago has taught me so much! I learned to not let differences stop you from creating beautiful friendships and I’m happy to say that it still influences me everyday. I really hope to be able to influence others as well and to be able to keep influencing others through this experience for as long as I can.