Hi there, lovely PEACE-humans! 💜

My name is Karolina but you can call me Karo. I was born in Poland, but lately rather than identifying as ‘Polish’, I consider myself ‘European’. On that note, I also consider myself a human being, although current government in my county once ruled otherwise *crying sounds in Polish*.

My AFS adventure started in the Philippines in 2016 (I even believe that my soul has been born at one beach there called ‘Nactabon’) and ever since it seems that there’s no end of it in sight 😉

Some basic facts about me:

– I love bullet points

– forever the-very-last-deadline-driven

– & highly purpose-driven. 

– animals’ lover, but dogs are my favorite – I happen to be a dog mum since the beginning of this year. Her name is Saya which in Tagalog (one of the Filipino languages) means ‘joy’

– countour sheet dedicated hater (yup)

– & small talks devoted hater 

– On the hater note, the technology hates me – some of you witnessed that during our Crash Course Session 😉 

– recovering perfectionist

– hopeless sweet tooth 🍬 

– current polish government devoted opponent (so devoted that I got myself politically inspired tattoo)

– on the tattoo note, after PEACE Camp I will get the tattoo with Mushu. Are there any Mulan fans here?! 🐉 

– Both of my bachelor and master thesis are on the cultural diversity in the  business context, so I guess, ever since I’ve dived deep into ICL I can’t stop (and won’t stop).

– obsessed with true crime documentaries & podcasts.

– googling the menu before going to the restaurants…

– I love food and it is pretty much how I interpret the demonstration of the self-love

– I’m a Gemini ♊ (like you can’t tell that already…) 

During the upcoming PEACE Camp I am going to serve as Trainers Team Coordinator in DES!

I really cannot wait to see you all! 💜