Hello, everybody. I was waiting so badly for this moment and checked Slack every day, and then I missed @Ola Oleszkiewicz‘s tag (thank you for the tag btw.)My name is Karolina but everybody calls me Karo. I do not mind being confused for Karo Ł. casue she’s awesome, so don’t worry about my feelings if you happen to confuse us with each other.

My adventure with AFS began in 2013 when I left my home country, Poland, for Belgium Flanders  where I spent 10 months of my life. In past 9 years, I have also lived in Great Britain and Belgium (again) while doing my ESC in the EFIL office last year.During my ESC I was responsible for the PEACE CAMP NH21, more commonly known as Peace Non-Camp or Volunteer Winter Summit, as it was cancelled very, VERY, verylast minute.

This year should mark my 3rd PEACE CAMP overall and FIRST PEACE CAMP in-person Next to my AFS passions, such as Intercultural Learning and being a trainer, I do have some stuff going on outside of AFS bubble (though not much, I must admit). I am a PhD student, doing research in Psychology (my research is also AFS-based ). I also love reading books when I have time and energy for it, watching countless shows on various streaming platforms available nowadays , and am a huge nerd (ngl).

I have a dog and a cat, I love them both so, so, so much. They do not love each other at all. I am trying not to take sides in the decades old discussion cat vs. dog person, but I must honestly admit that I am more of a cat person and my being a cat mom is half of my personality at the moment.