Hello PEACErs!
I’ll link up with your talk about being sporty and taking long routes to introduce myself by saying that in 2020 I walked the entire Via Francigena from northern Italy to Rome (something like 880 km) so I too can say I’m a sporty person! I’m never tired of taking steps both literally towards places and figuratively towards people. This is the reason that led me to embark on the endless path of interculturalism, participating in not one but two exchange programmes in China (one month) and New Zealand  (two months), and becoming an AFS volunteer soon after those. I’m 23 years old, I come from Italy and – fun fact – I don’t like coffee! I love cooking and eating (a lot!), I am definitely a cat person, I am fascinated by nature – especially mountains – and surrealist art and I am always searching for new thrills! I’m part of the Malle support team and this year’s will be my second PEACE camp after the 2019 one I took part in as a trainer in Des.

3 days before my departure to Brussels I will be discussing my thesis and graduating from my Masters in Global Management and Politics, so I definitely won’t lack the energy and desire to rock this adventure and meet wonderful people like y’all!!



I usually find it hard to introduce myself only by typing a few words on a keyboard: to me, a person is a whole world to be discovered, in a gentle and gradual way. As you might have guessed, I love to make things right and I am not an advocate for social media; nonetheless, everybody says I am good at keeping in touch with people by constantly reinforcing the (real) social networks I have had the chance to build through years of travelling and AFS exchanges.

I can guarantee I am an excellent listener, I always look on the bright side of things and I never stop longing for thrill and new experiences, hoping that these three aspects will make me the perfect teammate for our adventures in this camp! Little fun fact about me: I am Italian and I do not like coffee – you can bet I am a nonconformist!