Hi everyone !  My name is Loïc and I willbe trainer at the peace camp.
Actually, this is the first time I’m doing it so I am both ecstatic and stressed about it.
I am french, 24 years old, born in Nice but now living in Lille.
During my exchange year in Chimbote, Peru, I was amazed by the Latin American culture and the warmth of the people. I was also marked by the extreme poverty and inequalities in the city. This experience fed my reflection as a citizen. It reinforced my belief that we have to stand up to ensure that everyone has the right to live in dignity.
That’s mostly in order to fight against these injustices that I am studying to become a lawyer. As you can guess, I love talking and debating. For the camp, I am building activities around this. Anyway, I would be very happy to talk about with you. I can’t wait !!!