Hello everyone!
I’m Massimo, 24, and I’ll be part of DES Support Team. I currently live in Rome, even if I originally come from Taranto, a city in Apulia.

My journey with AFS started back in November 2013, when I applied to the Intercultura scholarship without telling my mom, because she didn’t want me to go abroad. I still thank my older sister for paying for the application fee.
When the time of the tests came, I had to tell my mom, and after the first months of anger, she slowly got convinced and I eventually got the chance to spend a life-changing year in Sweden. As I came back, my family and I hosted Bora, an American exchange student that helped me go through my post-AFS-comeback-depression. After I moved to Rome to start my medical studies  I started to be a more active volunteer and I became a geek of the hosting programs – I’ve been hosting coordinator of my local chapter for 3 years. As you all know, it’s difficult to get enough of international experiences once you’ve tried once, so last year was the time of my Erasmus in Berlin, a city that amazed me for the incredible lifestyle, nightlife, artistic environments and freedom of expression.PEACE will be my first opportunity to meet AFS volunteers from other countries, and I’m so excited to do that, as I already love working in Intercultura national activities.

I’m sooo looking forward to meeting you all!