Hi everyone!My name is Natalia, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.I didn’t go on exchange with AFS, so my journey started in 2016 when I joined a local chapter (just for a bit). Then I went on Erasmus to Bergen, Norway. I joined ESN there and organised different events for international students. That was super fun! After my exchange, I came back and moved to Moscow, where I also joined ESN. Last year I spent in Copenhagen, Denmark (I have a thing for Scandinavia, as you can see) as an ESC at the AFS office. I liked it a lot!!

I’m currently in Berlin, Germany, doing my master’s. I am studying European Media Studies, and before that, I studied linguistics for my bachelor’s.Besides moving from one place to another, I enjoy the cinema (a lot) and other types of arts (paintings, performances, literature), love learning languages and meeting new people! This year I’m a trainer in des team.

It’s my 2nd PEACE camp, and I’m looking forward to it!!