Hi beautiful people!

My name is Nina an I’m originally from Serbia, vol for AFS Sweden and recently finished my year at EFIL office in Brussels as a peace ESC! I currently have no official place of residence – a fun fact about me. As one can never have enough of peace, here I am again getting a new role in this edition. So far, I’ve been a best friend to a former ECTP/current peace program student, a trainer at Malle, a trainers coordinator at Malle, a participants coordinator at the camp that never had participants, and now happy to be the Camp Coordinator at Malle!

I love hanging out with my friends, moving apparently, having some nice beers, the beach, reading, cherry tomatoes, nature , baking, singing and many other things, like nerding around. I’m 50% nerdy grandma, 50% party girl. As a camp coordinator, I guess I’ll leave the party for the post peace. I recently found out I can’t have sugar for health reasons, so please don’t offer me snacks – I’ll have to be sweet naturally without snacky additions. Love open and assertive communication. Happy to see you soon!