Hello everyone

I’m Noemi, I’m the Support team coordinator from Malle and I’m 25.

My journey with AFS started in 2012 when I got selected for an year program in Russia with AFS. I lived in a very small village called Zavyalovo in 2013/14 and I came back there once in 2016.

Since 2015 I’ve been an AFS volunteer, first in the local chapter of my hometown and later in Bergamo, where I currently live.

I’m a vegan , I love animals and nature; I have been an activist both for animals’ and for human rights. Right now I don’t do activism anymore but I hope I will have the chance to start again eventually.

I love cooking, but also eating. My flatmates call me “the cook of the house”

I practice yoga and I love it very much.

I am very good at finding hidden gems in second-hand markets and bragging for paying around 50 cents for them.

I can’t wait for the camp to start to work together with you!🥰

Have a great day!