Hello everyone!! 

I am Oreste, I’m from Italy and I’m 20 years old.

My experience with AFS started back in 2018 when I won a scholarship to Argentina and went on a yearly exchange program. When I came back to Italy, my brother also went on exchange with AFS in Hong Kong, and simultaneously, in Italy, we were hosting a girl from Turkey, Arven <3.

Meanwhile, I became an AFS volunteer and I really wanted to start to discover the world, that is why, after my final exam in high school, I moved to Berlin, where I worked for almost one year as an AuPair.

I really wanted to start my University studies in Berlin, but due to my inexistent German level, I had to find a B plan, and eventually, Spain came to my mind!

My biggest dream since I was 9 was to become a film director, and right now I live in Spain since August 2021 studying Film, Television, and Media studies in Madrid!

I joined AFS, as a volunteer, in 2019 in Italy, and since August 2021 I’m volunteering in Spain I’m very grateful for the Spanish network. They gave me so many amazing opportunities that I’m very glad of!

I just came back from a work trip to Chile that I found out thanks to a collaboration we had this summer here in Madrid with the Italian electricity company “Enel” (who apparently is based in almost 30 countries!) and I was an educator in a children’s camp. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in my life!

Right now I am very looking forward to PEACE camp starting, and I know for sure it will be an amazing experience as well!

Can’t wait to meet you all in Brussels!

See you very very soon! A presto! Hasta pronto!