Hi everyone, I’m Marie, I’ll be the camp coordinator.
Unlike you, I’m new to the AFS network, I started working in the EFIL office six month ago (already) as a project manager. I am learning every day since I arrived and I see this adventure as a challenge and an opportunity to meet extraordinary people. A bit more about me: I’m French, and more precisely I come from Brittany, a region in the north west of France where we eat good crêpes with salted butter caramel and do surf on the coast. I arrived in Belgium in September 2018 after spending 6 months in Brno, Czech Republic for my Erasmus. I started working for the French high school in Brussels for a year and then decided to stay and do my master’s degree here in a communication school in Cultural Management. (I loved Brussels so much that it was impossible for me to leave). I graduated last year and then I flew to Rome for a year where I worked for SCI (Service Civil Internationale) network and with whom I am still active today in Belgium. What else can I tell you….I have been teaching yoga informally for a few months now, after taking a training course during my year in Rome.
I practice yoga almost every day, it’s something I love and it allows me to live more in the moment and take life as it comes (at least I try ahah).