I’m Rita, but I like to go by Rits – it’s cuter, right? I’m from Portugal and I’ve been involved with AFS since my exchange to (very rural) Denmark in 2014/2015. I have since lived in Nottingham, UK for 3 years for uni, and Barcelona for a year before Covid sent me back to Portugal for a bit. I am now living in Brussels and working at the EFIL office as the volunteer in charge of Communications & School Relations. This will be my first PEACE camp ever!! Random facts about me:
  • I rarely make any sense – but hey, confusion can be fun!
  • I was a sea scout for 14 years
  • I’m an avid book reader: mostly non-fiction (politics, sociology and history) but I read all GoT books  by age 15 so you can get me to talk fantasy any time;
  • I am deeply passionate about mental health advocacy
  • Obsessed with true crime documentaries? Yes.
  • I’m in love with all animals, especially dogs

Supeeer excited to be here and to meet you all soon!