So, about me: my name is Roberts, however people prefer to call me by my last name (Runcis, which means ‘a cat’ in Latvian), and I come from Latvia, but currently live in Brussels, Belgium due to my studies!
I became an AFS volunteer in 2017, out of a wish to fill up my resume in order to find a job at the time, ended up staying and gaining some of the best friends I could’ve ever wished for, being able to pursue my dream of having the chance to live abroad (by working for AFS Poland as an ESC volunteer in 2020-2021), and of course, coming to the last years’ PEACE camp that might’ve been cut short last minute, but was more than enough to inspire me to move here, to Belgium, in the first place!
In my free time, I love to do film photography, especially taking portraits of my friends using my camera, hanging out with my friends, watching movies (I am one of those people that believes that one has a favourite movie (for me, it’s Amelie) and an actual favourite, as far as considered to be a comfort movie (which for me is The Devil Wears Prada), and I am really pumped to meet you all and to work with you all this year!