Hello amazing PEACErs
I am Tijana from Serbia, 25 years old and currently living in Belgrade. My AFS journey started 8 years ago when I started volunteering in my local chapter. I did my exchange in Norway in 2015/16. My family hosted 5 times but the first one has connected our hearts so strongly with Sicily, which is also why I enjoy company of Italians wherever I go.When I am not doing AFS things, which is like 20% of my time, I volunteer for some other organisations working on informal education and following some very similar goals as AFS.
This will be my 2,5 time at PEACE. I was a trianer in Malle few years ago. I almost managed to be support member last year in Des, and I am going for Support Team in Malle this time!Some more “fun” facts about me:
  • I am vegan and living in a land of pork and cheese, literally. I LOVE cooking. And sometimes I just have to.
  • I was studying philosophy for some time which ended up with existential crisis which is why I gave up and changed to pedagogy which was one of the bravest choices I’ve made and makes me very happy today
  • I learned horseback riding as a part of my therapy for spinal disc hernitation – it’s a very rare condition that it’s not supposed to affect people under 40s. My host mum has it as well.
  • I spent last year working on ChapEx which happened this summer in Serbia and Iceland. I had to quit my job in a coffee shop for it and I have no regrets.