Hello everyone!! Okay, let’s do this!
My name is Vinicius, but everyone calls me Vini and even though when I was Younger I didn’t like it or likes my name, as a grew older I Started to love it and identify more and more with Vini. Maybe when I’m 30 I’ll go by V, who knows .I’m 26 years old (I still feel like I’m 23 tho, covid birthday didn’t count as much). I’m from Brazil, but I have been living in Portugal for the last 11 years. Sadly I didn’t Discover AFS until my first year of university, so I never did an Exchange ( insert sad soundtrack), but that didn’t stop me from traveling and getting to know the world with AFS. How did I join AFS? That’s a funny story and it involves romance, lots of beers and some luck. You may ask when we meet. I love to know people and to learn new things and new ways of seeing reality. I love to become a better person everyday. I love to work with Young people and promote a transformative education.

This year I’m a trainer again, after two years of being a TC. So I’m more than happy to be back in the field and deliver workshops for our participants. We have a chance in our hands and a responsibility.

That is great! Everything That we say has the potential to be a turning point for those Young Minds and I’m sure we are a great group of people for them to listen to .I’m up for drinks, hugs and deep conversations any time, specially in this order.

Can’t wait to meet you all!!