Hi everyone, my name’s Bianca, I’m the participants coordinator in Destelheide. I’m currently doing my ESC at the EFIL office, so I’m the one annoying you with all the emails (guilty).

My journey with AFS started in 2015, when I went on exchange to Russia  for a year. I became a volunteer for AFS Austria  right after coming back and my first time as a trainer was already the second arrival camp for the students hosted in Austria the year after I went on exchange and because I was 15 when I went to Russia, half of the students were older than me  I’ve been involved with AFS in various roles, as a contact person for participants, host families, schools, as an organiser and coordinator of various events, facilitator of workshops for sending students from Austria and hosted students in Austria, facilitator of school workshops, I’ve represented AFS Austria at different events, joined the AFS Russia team for their arrival camp in 2018 and went to the VSS in Norway … but my favourite activity were always camps After graduating from high school, I moved to Scotland for university and graduated this July with an MA in International Relations and Legal Studies.

I also couldn’t not go on Erasmus and chose Istanbul but after only one month Covid hit and I had to fly back home  During my time at uni, I also worked for Lawyers without Borders and did many different workaways (my most recent one in a Bedouin camp in Jordan in June ). I moved to Belgium  in July and have been working at EFIL and preparing PEACE since then 

I also just got accepted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel for an MSc in Management, so whenever I’m not busy with PEACE this year (which is almost never) I’ll be studying (wish me luck).