The main objectives of the PEACE Programme are:

  • developing an awareness of global issues within the context of Europe and beyond;
  • addressing some of the complexities surrounding the European cultures, societies, and institutions in a global context;
  • exploring a range of tools that enable participants to take meaningful action;
  • coming together as a community where we can grow as active citizens.

The specific objectives of the PEACE Final Camp are:

  • the connection between the exchange and the fact of being a Global Citizen;
  • a better understanding of the Global dimension;
  • knowledge, motivation, and personal skills on how to implement Global Active Citizenship and be an active citizen in the future;
  • be prepared to re-enter the home country.


But most importantly, PEACE camp is a place for students who were on the trimester exchange program to meet other students with similar experience, to connect and share. Also to meet volunteers from different countries who share their journeys, inspire students to be active citizens, and motivate them to become volunteers back home. And of course, have fun! 

Here a sneak peek of what we are doing during the PEACE Camp!

Meet the team

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