Hææ, PEACErs! Edoardo, DES Trainer!
I’m from Italy, Turin, and I’m currently living in Reykjavik for my ESC Program by AFS Iceland National Office.
I went to China in 2013/14 for my AFS Program and started volunteering for my Chapter and Intercultura since the very first moment I was back – Coordinating my Chapter’s Trainers, the Hosting Programs, a bit of this and a bit of that, ’til being Chapter’s Chair last year. I also enjoyed camps on Local and National Scale, both for sending and hosting programs.
I’m currently studying “Eastern Asia and French Speaking Countries Culture and Literatures” – and trust me, the academic process is no shorter than the name, apparently- during which I’ve moved one year to Lyon, for my Erasmus+ Project.
This will be my 2nd.5 PEACE camp!
Farewell, PEACErs – can’t wait to meet you, very soon!!