Open Badges is a system made just for you. It’s a tool that you can use not only to reflect on your experience and on what you’re learning, but even to show that to the world. It can help you demonstrate what skills you acquired to your professors and, year after year, more and more universities are recognizing digital Badges as proof of your skills, so they might even help you access the university of your dreams. Are you ready to catch ’em all?

Once you enter the Peace through Exchange and Active Citizenship Education programme, you are going to receive all the information you need to start collecting Badges. It’s a 100% digital system, easy to access from a computer or from your smartphone. You’ll be able to start as soon as your Programme begins and you can continue way after you’ll be back in your home country!

Earning Badges will help you have a clearer overview of your competences, or you can use them to set new goals you didn’t think about. And don’t forget: they can be useful, but this doesn’t mean they cannot be fun too!

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