AFS Indonesia is currently hosting Diana from Hungary. She has been paired up with Sari, who has sent us her first impressions of her hosting experience. She has been planning the visit of Diana for the past month. Here is her perspective on the country visit in Indonesia:

Jakarta, 15 June 2017.

What an anticipation! Hosting is not my cup of tea. I did not know what to expect, or how I should arrange the country visit of my lovely partner, Diana from Hungary.  We’ve been exchanging emails for about 4 years for program purposes, it is exciting to finally meet her in person!

I wanted Diana to get a general idea on how Indonesians live, and some realities in Indonesian education and its systems. So we are able to find a host family for her to stay with, a school and a pesantren (Islamic boarding school), and a long time CPO/NGO partner, Yayasan Cipta Mandiri for her to visit. We also hosted her on an Iftar (Ramadan Dinner) at our National Office where we got a chance to sit and talk with some of our volunteers.

Today she is going to take a tour around Jakarta’s old town with a few of our youngest returnees/volunteers, experiencing touristic places and hope she will also get a chance to do some shopping.

On Friday and Saturday, we hope that Diana will also get a chance to see how we work with volunteers, conducting training for Group Leaders, and observe how we do our Re-Entry Orientation (even for only half a day).

Stay tuned for our complete story!