My adventure started on June 12th. I was really excited about having a chance to be not only in Delhi, but also Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Thanks to Priya, I could experience so many aspects of this country – a host family life, schools, NGOs and its cultural side. Of course, I was also a bit nervous. As this was the first time I traveled to India, I was afraid if I will be able to survive the heat and the humidity.

In Ahmedabad I had an opportunity to stay with a lovely host family. I’m extremely grateful for such good care of me! I’m sure that every AFS participant to India is very lucky to have a chance to stay with such a warm and hospitable family.

During my stay in Ahmedabad I visited two schools. Both of them made a huge impression on me – the variety of subjects, colorful buildings, extremely motivated and positive teachers. Students not only described how the school life in India works, but also had a lot of questions about Poland!

For sure, a meeting with the local volunteers was one of the highlights of these four days. It was an incredible feeling to see not only returnees and future participants, but mostly sending and hosting parents. I was amazed to see that AFS in Ahmedabad is a really family organization. On the meeting we talked about the PEACE project and shared our experiences.

The visit was also a chance to experience the cultural heritage of India – varied, rich and diversified with its own uniqueness. I visited Gandhi’s  Ashram, Adalaj Stepwell, Akshardham Temple and the old part of the city of Ahmedabad.

On 15th I took a flight to Delhi. On the first day I had an opportunity to get to know all AFS India staff members. During the meetings with sending, hosting and school departments we discussed realities, concerns and challenges of working on AFS program in our countries and shared our best practices. On 16th, after a morning cultural visit in the Red Fort, we focused on the topic of Global Citizenship and PEACE program and preparations for the seminar.

The plan for my last day of the country visit seems to be very exciting and, most of all, I can’t wait to meet my host family in Delhi today!