Happy people, with cultural awareness, is how Diana explains her adventure with the PEACE Program to Indonesia!

You can read up on her reflections before and after the program here.

Pre-departure: life before going on the exchange

“Preparing to go to Indonesia was an exciting process. Not only because this will be my first time visiting the country but because it will mean the start of a new programme. Being part of this unique project is an honour and I would like to make it a success. It is a bit like going on a mini exchange program. I will stay with a host family during Ramadan in a country where the majority is Muslim in the middle of their „summer”. Sounds adventurous! I will arrive with an open mind and use my intercultural knowledge and sensitivity to learn about this new and diverse culture.


Post-departure: life now after my exchange

“I cannot believe that the week is over. It gave me so much insight to the life of Indonesians. They say Jakarta is not the real Indonesia. But yet it is a melting pot of all the ethnic groups that live throughout the archipelago. They all have strong roots and Ramadan is the time when they really think about where they are coming from, grateful for what they have, share what they own and visit friends and family to show their appreciation to life and give forgiveness to everyone. The roads are filled with cars which are full with happy people, looking forward to the fun times they will spend in their hometown with long-seen family.

It is the country where a mosque and a cathedral could stand peacefully on the 2 sides of the road in each other’s vicinity. Where any newcomer is happily accepted in their circles, offered their smile and extend their hands.I am full of optimism not just about the greatness of life in general but the success of the PEACE project initiative!

Terima kasih Indonesia! Terima kasih AFS!”