Are you from 15 to 18 years old?
Do you want to live abroad for 3 months?
Do you want to become an active global citizen?
Do you want to participate in a final camp with other Students in Brussels or Kuala Lumpur?

The Peace through Exchange and Active Citizenship Education: Global Citizenship Track is a trimester school exchange program that focuses on fostering a sense of awareness as Global Active Citizenship. The program sees participants experience life in another country for 3 months, that they get to share all together during the final camp in Brussels or in Kuala Lumpur, shortly before going back to their home countries.

What countries participate in the PEACE European Citizenship Programme?

How to apply?

To apply as a participant or host family to the PEACE trimester please contact the AFS office in your home country. Don’t know your AFS organisation? You can find it below!

Find the AFS organisation in your country!

Are you a participant?

Make sure you keep our booklet with you at all times!
Click here if you’re going to the Europe Camp, or click here if you’re going to the Asia Camp!